Villains: Proxy Wars is a RPG Maker VX Ace project under construction and based upon the Villains Multiverse - unlike most RPGs however you will be playing as a group of antagonists in this game and the ending depends on choices one makes throughout the game.


The player will start as a Soldier of Fortune, an illegal "company" that creates Proxies and trains them in the "art" of mercenary work, as such it is the "Neutral Evil" faction and is in opposition to the Leo Force for the first part of the game.

In the second part of the game the player faces the Guardians for the first time as well as the True World Order, the "Lawful Evil" faction - they can either aid in defeating the Guardians as a Soldier of Fortune or as part of the True World Order.

In the third part of the game the player faces the vigilante force known as Rough Justice as well as the psychotic Destroyers faction - they can opt to remain with the Soldiers of Fortune or True World Order while helping to get rid of Rough Justice while keeping the Destroyers in check or join the Destroyers and cause havoc.

As well as the battles between the "Evil" and "Good" factions there are "Neutral" factions that appear such as the Oath-Keepers, Scales and Destiny - each play a part in the later stages of the game, which focuses on all three "Good" factions and how the player deals with them, depending on the faction the player chooses they will face a final conflict with either of the "Evil" factions leaders.

Playable Characters

Iconic Characters (NPC)


Enemies / Bosses

Guardians (Lawful Good)

Leo Force (Neutral Good)

Rough Justice (Chaotic Good)

Scales (True Neutral)

Oath-Keepers (Lawful Neutral)

True World Order (Lawful Evil)

if you take the path of the Destroyers or Soldiers of Fortune you will face the True World Order as enemies.

  • Nettle (final boss if one is loyal to Destroyers)

Soldiers of Fortune (Neutral Evil)

if you take the path of True World Order or Destroyers you will face Soldiers of Fortune as enemies.

  • Agent Fortune (final boss if one plays through the entire Soldiers of Fortune story)

Destroyers (Chaotic Evil)

if you take the path of True World Order or Soldiers of Fortune you will face Destroyers as enemies.

  • Pietus (final boss if one is loyal to True World Order)

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