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"It had been nearly a year since my forces met their first defeat - at the hands of strangers.. I had been careless.. I had allowed myself to grow arrogant and I paid the price for my hubris: however as I gaze out at the stars I realise now that I can no longer lay in hiding - they humiliated me, they must suffer the consequences of such an action.."

"..They will all suffer.."

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  • Hero Forever

    I finally submitted my creepypasta about Animal Crossing on! Hopefull it will be accepted. So, like the title says, wish me luck!

    Perhaps this baby ducky will bring me good fortune.

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  • Inferno Pendragon

    a blog I honestly never saw myself doing but since the Twilight of The Gods saga has a few unavoidable Lord of the Ring references I'm going to have to ask for a vote on one of the oddest things we'v…

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  • Deathwalker 13000

    Lately, in between college finals, I've been working hard on Nebula and the Rejects, and have decided that the ratio of worlds included in the game will be about half-already established and half-uni…

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  • Little-Red

    I want to share a plan I have to start a new story and possible series, based off this very famous song:

    it would be a dark fantasy like my other stories but also have an overarcing romance - the seri…

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  • Queen Misery

    this blog is just a little thought I've had.. as a community we've made quite a few God Force and Shadow Force characters and now that Scottish Terror has added an entity known as Abysm I find myself…

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  • Scottish-Terror


    April 23, 2015 by Scottish-Terror

    the following parody is a song I keep thinking of for Arodnap.. so I thought I'd share it.

    also, I'm wanting to say hello to you guys as I plan on contributing a few things, thanks for reading this ma…

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Welcome to the Villains: RPG Wiki! This former counterpart to Villains Wiki was meant for those Users who have participated in the old and currently outdated User Battles, to showcase their unique creations in a shared universe. Since then, this wiki has grown into a series of modern myths, collectively known as the Villains canon.

New Users

We appreciate new users, but at the same time, we like to remain a small community. New users do give us new material, new ideas, and new ways to expand our canon. But we do not wish to grow too fast. A new user once in a while is enough to leave us happy, and if the new user is serious about contributing to our collective canon, He/she will be welcomed with open arms.

We suggest that you take a look at the following pages:


In order to prevent confusion, disputes, or trolling, there are general rules to be followed on the wiki. Breaking any of the following rules can result in a ban.

  1. Respect other Users, first and foremost
    • Belittling or mocking other Users is prohibited, and will result in a strict ban.
    • Belittling or mocking races, gender, cultures, religions, etc. will result in a strict ban.
      • Villain characters or even some heroes or anti-heroes may provide some exceptions, provided they aren't written solely for the purpose of being offensive. Character archetypes such as the religous zealot are allowed. If you are unsure whether or not your character is offensive, ask an admin.
  2. New Users are prohibited from creating omnipotent characters unless they have proven RP experience, or ask beforehand with an admin or trusted User. The reason behind this is that we want interactive stories with characters that are able to be played with- this is not a site to show off how "badass" or "awesome" your character is.
  3. Stories that are not "stories" (being conceptually nonsensical, "trollpasta," or similar) will be subject to deletion. Admins have the power to delete these articles immediately.
    • Note: This does not apply to weird fiction, which handles bizarre concepts in a professional fashion.
  4. When contributing to another story, do not act outwith the bounds of the story. If you have an idea, take it up with the User heading the story.
    • "Power-gaming" is prohibited. Your character needs to be a reasonable power-level for the sake of plot, and invincible characters are out of the question (see Rule 2)

Power Base Wiki

The database for the powers/abilities of the characters we use in our stories. Currently under construction.

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