Violet Dawn

Violet Dawn is a young, vampiric girl from Empyrea's Vampire Kingdom who was responsible for the deaths of her parents and unborn brother. Through these events, she became bound to an entity known only as The Shadow, which torments her mercilessly with taunts and nightmares.


A Girl and Her Shadow

(Backstory to be revealed)

After her parent's deaths, Violet was branded with a partial Mark of Abbadon. While not losing her mind to a more bestial or cruel nature as other vampires with the Mark do, she must still feed on blood, and can become blood-starved over days of not feeding, or when she loses enough of her own blood.


After a year of wandering, Violet's travels took her to Earth, where she stumbled upon the Bigsby Manor. Drawn to the place, she broke in to find it uninhabited. She stayed to rest for a short number of days until the arrival of Edward Smith and his family. Soon after she met Edward, the two children encountered the demonic Poppy. Forced through a night of horrors, the two children's strife ended only with the divine intervention of the Truth, who allowed Violet to become inducted into Edward's family, much to the chagrin of the Shadow.

Violet Dawn: Blood Debt

Violet Dawn's new life as an adopted member of Edward's family has so far been bliss compared to her previous struggles. Aside from the increased number of nightmares the Shadow has inflicted upon her out of spite, Violet couldn't ask for any better. One day, she finds her tranquil life shattered as the Disciples of Abbadon return to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs...

Wicked II

Violet Dawn: Unforgivable Sin

(Where Violet Dawn must contend with the horror she has wrought with her own hands)

Wicked III

Violet Dawn: Death's Embrace

(Where Violet Dawn must confront the destiny in store for her)


On the surface, Violet appears to be a very passive character. She speaks and interacts politely with others, even her enemies- except if they are demons.

Due to a previous encounter with demonic forces, she possesses a hatred for all of demonkind. Upon confrontation with one, her persona will undergo a complete reversal, turning cold and bitter.

(More to be revealed)


Violet Dawn has deathly pale skin, ruby-red eyes, and two tiny fangs due to her vampiric lineage. She has small wings, but is unable to fly- she usually keeps them folded inside her clothes. 


  • Life-Blood Vampirism
  • Empyrean Vampirism

Relations With Other Characters

The Shadow Hated Companion ???
Wolfe ??? ???
Ares ??? ???
Isis ??? ???
Baga ??? ???
Aerigo ??? ???
Vidia ??? ???
Lynard ??? ???
Abbadon ??? ???
The Oracle ??? ???
Edward Friend ???
Poppy Enemy ???

Unofficial Theme

Dark Fantasy Music - Mystery04:06

Dark Fantasy Music - Mystery


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