Virtual War is an upcoming crossover involving several of Inferno-Pendragon's characters and Deathwalker's characters.. namely those connected to the V-Net.

The story is still in planning stages but will involve SIM, Dark SIM, Adam Man, Thirteen, Malovus and possible others.

Virtual War will now take place following the events of King For A Day

Basic Plot (minus spoilers)

SIM has recovered from the events of Termination and King For A Day - yet her greatest battle is about to come to pass as research in possible scouting of the planet At Err awakens both excitement and fear in the human population: with SIM becoming increasingly disturbed as the V-Net seems to be destined to play a major role in the "scouting project" via the use of an advanced "Omni-Drive" - with the power to retrieve and send V-Net signals across time and space via "piggy-backing" on satellites and space-station monitors the new V-Net technology is a cause of concern for SIM, who has doubts over the peaceful nature of the "scouting project" as well as a lure for sinister forces seeking to use the technology for their own neferious schemes..

Main Antagonists

  • Adam Man
  • Malovus
  • Dark Sim
  • Authority

Main Protagonists

  • SIM
  • Thirteen
  • Jacob

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