"I do not know where it came from, it was there one second and gone the next. Just a mere whirlwind of energy and three eyes, the strangest being I have ever encountered; for it obviously knew where it was and what it was, but at the same time, it seemed lost with both those concepts."


Vizi-Zenot is a being composed of energy resembling a tornado or vortex with three eyes, and constantly moves around either staring at objects or taking in the views of scenery around it. The energy it's comprised of is unknown, as its a rainbow of colors of all the spectrum, though its eyes each have one color, that being red, green, and blue.


It is unknown exactly where and when Vizi-Zenot formed, and it's just as worthy to note that no one knows exactly why it exists.

Era I

Shadow of Death

Vizi-Zenot appears as Seya's choice for a general during Shadow of Death, being paired with Phobia as the leaders of the group.


  • Omni-Magic - (Limitations deal with it cannot fully control its power. Adding a combination of weak and strong powers used at both appropriate and inappropriate times.)
  • Wish-Fulilment - (A wish can be granted from Vizi-Zenot, judging it understands.)
  • Will Manipulation - (Vizi-Zenot breaks and forces the ones afflicted by it to choose things according to its desire.)
  • Omni-Celo - (Vizi-Zenot cannot be seen unless it desires so.)

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