is a major antagonist in the Pathos series, a former patient in Valley High Sanatorium she would be one of many deeply disturbed individuals who escaped the ward following a mass breakout by the vigilante known as Iconoclast.

Having been a victim of bullying much of her life Wallflower would develop severe psychosis after learning about her inhuman origins and began a series of brutal torture-killings designed to spark a superhuman war, wishing to wipe out humanity in an apocalyptic "species war" in which she and other disturbed superhumans would be able to rule over a lawless world where they would be free to kill and conquer.

In Wallflower's twisted mind this new order would ultimately allow a single "supreme" superhuman to emerge, a dark messiah destined to ascend to the stars and continue the cycle of violence on new worlds - after being defeated by Pathos several times Wallflower has began to wonder if Pathos is this "supreme" superhuman and thus has began to "test" her with increasingly frequent acts of violence and destruction.

Nightcore - Lucifer's Angel03:08

Nightcore - Lucifer's Angel

Wallflower's battle theme

Powers / Abilities

  • Regeneration (Wallflower can regenerate from many wounds that would be fatal to normal humans)
  • Charisma (Wallflower has deep charisma that makes her words and actions very hard to resist, able to gather multiple followers and keep them loyal even in the heat of battle, she can also convince people that her cause is right even when faced with the true destructive reach of her madness)
  • Body-Modification (Wallflower can transform parts of her body into fully-functioning weapons such as chainsaws, swords, maces, whips and even rifles/canons that fire bolts of burning bio-energy capable of killing a full-grown human with ease)




Headhunter / Derek Scott / Elite Hunting / Iconoclast / Stitches / Muse / Teddy Lee / Wallflower

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