The Wandering Spirits are twelve powerful Yōkai who embody the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, following a great tragedy involving one of the Wandering Spirits and Onibaba all of the Wandering Spirits save for Usagi have moved to the realm known as Shangri-La.


  • Tatsu (Dragon) - master of Dragon Techniques - which allows mastery of flame, whip and gliding skills.
  • Nezumi (Rat) - master of Rat Techniques - which allows control over shadow and mist.
  • Hebi (Snake) -  master of Snake Techniques - which allow one to crush, suffocate and otherwise immobilize enemies while also mastering paralysing poison and stealth
  • Usagi (Rabbit) - master of Rabbit Techniques - which allow superhuman feats of speed, jumping and agility.
  • Ushi (Ox) - master of Ox Techniques - which allows mastery over both durability and strength.
  • Kanji (Tiger) - master of Tiger Techniques - which allow mastery of battle-claws, evasion and stealth.
  • Inu (Dog) - master of Dog Techniques - which allows the mastery of brewing and "drunken" fighting (in reality more akin to battle elixirs).
  • Yagi (Goat) - master of Goat Techniques - which allows mastery of both light and dark fighting styles (light fighting styles favor honor and restraint, dark fighting styles are more aggressive and focus less on honor).
  • Saru (Monkey) - master of Monkey Techniques - which allows mastery of polearms, staves and pressure-points.
  • Niwatori (Rooster) - master of Rooster Techniques - which allows mastery of sound.
  • Uma (Horse) - master of Horse Techniques - which specializes in breaking the bones of enemies via brute force.
  • Buta (Pig) - master of Pig Techniques - which allows mastery of both body and mind.

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