The Wasteland Resistance are Toons who reside in the Land Of Nowhere and  chose to oppose Betwixt - as a result many of them had been banished to the Wasteland (of which they derived their name): the reasons each Toon had for opposing Betwixt were different but they were all united by the idea that someday they could overcome the Betwixt Empire and turn the Land Of Nowhere into a happier place for all Toons.

Following the conversion of the Betwixt Empire into a "Liberated" Empire by Betwixt Jr. in the aftermath of Toon Wars the Wasteland Resistance has grown darker, no longer opposing Betwixt but the Presence itself and utilizing such extreme tactics that Suzie has broken away and considers them a danger.

Known Members

  • Suzie (leader) <former>
  • Baby (second-in-command) <leader as of Toon Wars, replaced in issue 6 of Tales of Nowhere>
  • numerous others..

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