The White Lady is a supernatural being and the inspiration for many tales involving banshees and other female ghosts - she is also the inspiration for fairy godmothers and hags, making her one of the most influential beings in Red's reality, though like many of the strange beings that make up Red's population she often moves between dimensions.

The White Lady is a being of many different qualities - capable of great kindness as well as great cruelty she can be an omen of death or a provider of aid depending upon her mood and is known to have a dislike of men yet an affinity for women and children, especially those of poor or unfortunate backstories.

This being said the White Lady is also known to appear to men and boys who are abused or neglected, suggesting her loyalty lays with those who society has failed or forgotten..




Powers / Abilities

  • Transformation (she can transform people, animals and objects into almost anything she imagines - for example turning mice into horses, pumpkins into carriages, rags into silk, full-grown humans into frogs and insects or even turning people into trees or rocks)
  • Shape-Shifting (she can change her own form into anything she imagines - however in every form she is white in appearance and had feminine qualities)
  • Transmutation (she can transmute elements - for exampe, turning water into fire or earth into air)
  • Enchantment (she can enchant inanimate objects and clothing to invoke magical phenomena)
  • Fairy Sight (she can see those of Fay heritage even if they attempt to hide from her and vice versa)
  • Fairy Call (she can call on those of Fay heritage from great distances and vice versa)
  • Fairy Dance (she can entrance others via a dance that is empowered with Fay magic)
  • Eternal (she can never truly die, though she can be injured by unorthodox means)

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