Whitepaw is the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf - which just so happened to be the same wolf that Red fought and killed shortly after obtaining the Huntsman's Axe, following the death of her mother Whitepaw has taken up the role as the new "Big Bad Wolf" but has a very different outlook on life than her infamous mother.

While the original Big Bad Wolf was a killer and misanthrope Whitepaw is a twisted maternal figure who raised a human known as Simon as her own and formulated a plan to create a massive "pack" known as the Children of The Wolf via taking the orphans of all races in Red's world and making them her own.


  • the murder of the original Big Bad Wolf was oversaw by Amarok, who manipulated the Wolf into attacking Red so that she would be slain and ensure that Whitepaw would become a new "Big Bad Wolf", Amarok also ensured that Whitepaw would find Simon and form the "Children of The Wolf".

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