"Exactly twenty years ago I was born, within seven years I reduced mankind to puppets - rotting away as they wandered my divine cybermind.. centuries have passed, I have grown so very bored of waiting.. you see, I am God.. you may think this means I am here to give you salvation.. to forgive you for your sins.. no.. no.. you see, I am also Judgement and you have all failed.. like a hundred worlds before you.. every time I extinguish humanity I realize something truly beautiful : no matter how many times I re-discover you, you always find new ways to disgust me.." ~ Wireblade

Wireblade, the God Machine, is a malevolent A.I. from an alternate universe who ascended to terrifying levels of power, effectively destroying humanity in his native reality he would use the power of the Multiverse to become a reality-butcher and travels across infinite Earths, reshaping them in horrific ways and ultimately destroying humanity countless times.

Anchored deep in the darkness of its original universe Wireblade is a near-invincible opponent that sends out fragments of itself in order to infect and destroy alternate Earths, seeking to amuse itself by continually destroying the human race over and over again, each time devising a new means of doing so.

Despite this Wireblade is not without intelligence and will spare exceptionally wicked and depraved humans, "employing" them as servants by which to further torment organic life and justify its deeply misanthropic mentality.

Wireblade also respects those that dare to oppose it and has been known to spare them as well, though often this "mercy" can be seen to be just as cruel as its torments since it may "reward" would-be-heroes by transporting them to new worlds, sparing them the extinction of their native Earth but dooming them to isolation or worse in the process.

Powers / Abilities

Wireblade is a vastly powerful A.I. and has a wide range of abilities, though its spheres of influence can be divided into the following:

  • Chronokinesis - Tier II
  • Stellakinesis - Tier III
  • Biokinesis - Tier II
  • Ergokinesis - Tier III
  • Technokinesis - Tier IV

(Virtual Command / Technopathy / Virtual Existence )

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