Wrath is the leader of The Outsiders and a former vessel of the Dark One known as Oblivion, who he somewhat embodied despite swearing loyalty solely to the "Dark Spirit" (one of Misery's many guises).

Wrath was cold, ruthless and without pity - he specialized in manipulating others into destroying themselves and others and was named after the Deadly Sin of Wrath (which is excessive rage or anger).

Following his conversion to a follower of Evil herself Wrath gained a demonic appearance resembling a humanoid vampire bat - yet retains his former personality.



  • Corruption - Wrath can corrupt other characters, exposing their inner-demons and warping them both mentally and physically to his will, like all corruption this can be resisted by beings with sufficiently high willpower but is difficult to guard against once it starts to take hold on an individual.


  • Corruption - (see above)
  • Vampiric Mass-Alteration - Wrath can now alter his physical mass via drinking the blood of others, growing larger and more powerful with each victim.

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