The "Wrath of The Watchers" is a massive crisis / saga which began shortly after the events of Dusk, when the Watchers were seemingly imprisoned within their realm - however such titanic beasts can never truly be defeated and sure enough the Watchers rise up and exact their revenge on the multiverse..

Chaos Unleashed (Kane Versus Nova)

(Chaos Unleashed (Kane Versus Nova) )

Two psychotic monsters born of darkness meet under unusual circumstances and form a unique bond - one that would have severe consequences for the future of the multiverse..

Freedom-Striker/Liberator:- He Who Laughs Last..

(Freedom-Striker/Liberator:- He Who Laughs Last..)

Freedom-Striker is knocked into a coma after a vicious attack by Kane.

Avenging Angel

(Avenging Angel)

Following Kane's assault on Freedom-Striker Liberator and several other heroes have to come to terms with the possibilty of their friend becoming brain-damaged while also having to deal with a violent vigilante intent on ruling the city with violence and terror.

Event Horizon

(Event Horizon)

Nova and Kane meet once more - revealing the monster known as Anomaly and finally unleashing the "Wrath of The Watchers" upon the multiverse..

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