Yomi is a legendary demon-god from Felid mythology and the master of Jahannam, first appearing late in the storyarc Heroes as an ally of Faungli - having supplied the exiled sorcerer with the demonic Zaqqum Fruit.

Powers / Abilities

Yomi is an incredibly powerful demonic being and a dark god, having powers far superior to your average superhuman and a minor degree of cosmic influence:

  • Eternal (Yomi can never die as long as their are creatures that still serve him)
  • Miasma (Yomi has command over miasma, toxic magic that acts much like poisoned gas)
  • Corruption (Yomi can corrupt the body and mind of living creatures)
  • Summoning (Yomi can summon unlimited servants via portals that lead to and from Jahannam)
  • Merging (Yomi can merge with other beings, creating alternate-forms that have a fusion of its own power and those of its host)
  • Dimensional Control (Yomi is in complete command of Jahannam and has lesser dimensional-control while in other realms)
  • Omniscience (Yomi knows the names, strengths and weaknesses of almost all potential enemies)
  • Illusion Casting (Yomi can cast realistic illusions that often exploit the weaknesses of his enemies)

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