Yuanshi Tianzun (also known as the Jade Emperor) is the "all-father" of the Chinese pantheon and one of the most powerful deities in existence, being a part of the Council of Godheads he often converses with other high-ranking deities to deal with events far beyond the understanding of mortals as well as tackle unthinkable threats that not even an "all-father" could deal with alone.

Yuanshi Tianzun is a lawful deity and does not always understand the more spirited activities of beings such as Odin , Perun or Dagda but does see value at least in their actions, even if he can not fully support the "reckless" behavior he views them as possessing.

Like most godheads Yuanshi Tianzun is largely benevolent towards mortals but he does demand a higher standard of decorum from mortals than many of the other godheads - this at first makes him appear intimidating but he is a patriarch at heart and while definitely a strong supporter of law and order is by no means a cruel ruler, indeed he is often seen as one of the wisest of the godheads due to his dedication to order and his ability to think rather than act.



Powers / Abilities

Yuanshi Tianzun  is a vast entity of near incalculable mystic power, far superior to your average "god" or "demon" and on a par with beings such as Odin or Zeus - amongst the least of his known abilities are:

  • Jade Emperor's Blessing (his blessing can heal large groups of people and fortify their body) <first mentioned in Absolute Wars>

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