"Look at her, Kadan, she's biting back! That means she loves me!"


Zaiynde is the partner of Kadan, and a member of the criminal organization Strazio, bent on ruling at the least, half of the planet Thyria, his abilities counter Kadan's making them the most effective pair of Strazio, but his continual cursing, barking back, and overall loud voice drives many others up the wall. Zaiynde made his first appearance in the Bad Luck Saga, known as Inflexible Ideals, being seen as what could be presumed as the main villain.


Zaiynde is loud, mean, and has a tendency to curse in every breath that he speaks. To add only to that, he constantly shoots rude remarks, and tends to try to derail any kind of order set up within a certain area. He also tends to kidnap people, which eventually led to Karma's kidnapping, and swoon the women in any way he can, though constantly gets shot back every time, and normally leads to him dealing with many that don't like him at all. Due to his boistrous hollering and constant rude remarks, not to mention his tendency to steal anything he gets his hands on, makes him one of the most wanted criminals on Thyria.

Though Zaiynde has been shown this crude attitude, he also has a soft side and tends to be kind toward others if he really, really needs to, though not much about this side of him is known.

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