"Hey! Bloodlust is a real psychological condition! Show some respect!"


Zenith is the daughter of Ruichi and Nebula, and the first child to ever be born from a wisp/human relationship.

Similar to her father Ruichi and his alter-ego, Dark Ruichi, Zenith also struggles against her own dark side, dubbed Nadir.


Zenith has a carefree, laid-back, and zany demeanor not unlike her mother. However, she is not as spontaneous, and can be blunt, sardonic, or even cruel in some cases. It would appear that she inhereted a bit of Dark Ruichi- the malicious alter-ego of her father- as she possesses a surprising thirst for bloodshed.

Despite her bloodlust, Zenith is a vehement defender of the innocent and helpless, and directs her violence at those that would do them harm. At the same time, she is secretly afraid of her thirst for blood- afraid that she will lose control and hurt someone she cares about.


Zenith bears a strong resemblance to her father, Ruichi. She is short, pale-skinned, and has long, messy crimson hair. Her eye color is pink, however, unlike Ruichi's emerald green.


  • Elemental Magic
    • Her wisp blood grants her access to all elemental magics.
    • The influence of her father's powers has given her stronger control over fire and shadow magics.
  • Whip Mastery
    • Zenith possesses a personal whip she has named "Wyrmtongue," which she can channel her elemental magic through.
  • Knife Proficiency
  • Pain Tolerance

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