"Being Neutral is being wise, as two different sides fight, the Neutral one gains the interests of both, excelling him further above all others."
~ Zetio

Zetio is the embodiment of what is considered 'Neutral', much like Eclipse being the embodiment of 'Evil', and Dashuri being the first 'Moral', he came into existance around the same time. Also, much like Eclipse, who is the First Evil, Zetio is considered the First Neutral, not deciding upon which side to take, creating the middle 'Grey' area within the souls of mortals. Much like Eclipse as well, Zetio is not known and rarely has been seen by any mortals, unlike Eclipse, he cannot use telepathy, and instead, uses abstract signs to 'speak' to others.

The only physical sight a mortal saw of Zetio


Zetio, along with Eclipse and Dashuri, appeared in the same realm, almost at the same time; being a pacifist, he hated the savage war that raged between the tribes of Light and Darkness through the dimension. He was the essence of a tribe member whom was both part of the tribe of Light and Darkness who died, being one to not want to bother with such trivialities, he left the dimension before Eclipse; and created his own dimension not too long after his departure, dwelling within it, undisturbed for his time being.

Millions of years later, Zetio felt the sudden beings that started to gain great power, and sudden creatures that began to pop up, as if out of nowhere. During this time, Zetio's dimension began to shrivel up, being wary of his own being, he left it and created Phrygita, an invisible dimension, unknown to anyone. He hid himself within Phrygita, watching as Good and Evil fight each other, destroying each other.

Eventually, Zetio came to notice certain creatures that appeared to have been stronger than most. Arbiter, Inferno, Amnesty, Misery, and even The Voice, he found these few and even more to be disturbingly powerful. Zetio immediately began to figure that as the universe continues to grow with age, creatures and humanoids alike get more powerful. Resolving to learn more about this sudden rise in power, he set Phrygita to travel the universe, to help himself understand these creatures more.


Zetio's influence stretches across all realms and realities, just like Eclipse, he can meddle with other's minds, if he so desires. But because of his pacifistic nature, he doesn't bother with anyone at all, and tends to leave the universes' problems to solve themselves. The only main influence he has is upon those who fight not for Good or Evil, and even then, he won't put much influence on those few who are like him. The reason due to not affecting many beings is because of his pacifism; making his influence upon the realities greatly undetectable, if not, invisible to all who don't even take notice.